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How to eliminate frizz

Frizzy hair can be a nightmare for many people, and it can be a real challenge to get it under

control. Whether you have naturally curly hair or are dealing with frizz due to humidity or

damage, there are several tips and tricks you can use to eliminate frizz and achieve a sleek,

smooth look. With the summer on its way we’d like to offer advice on how to keep your hair

looking great!

Step 1:Invest in the right Shampoo and Conditioner

You need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Look for moisturising home care products that are designedto hydrate and nourish hair, as dry hair is more prone to frizz. We recomend Wella Professionals Nutri-Enrich shampoo and conditioner to nourish hair and eliminate frizz. Always shampoo twice to remove the build up of oils, then apply conditioner to the midlengths and ends, detangling gently with your fingers or a shower comb. (We also recomend Wet Brush Pro). Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any residue, and if you're brave enough, turn the water temperature right down for a cold shot of water to seal the cuticles closed.

Step 2: Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment

In addition to using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, it iss essential to use a hydrating mask once a week. This will help to repair any damage to the hair and provide extra moisture to keep frizz at bay. We love either the FABRIQ Hydrate or Rebuild mask which are suitable to everyone. We also love Sebastian Preofessional Dark Oil Mask for incredible shine and softness.. Using a mask will hydrate and restore the hair's natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth and


Step 4: Use a Heat Protectant

If you frequently use heat styling tools like flat irons or curling tongs, it is important to use a

heat protectant spray. These products help to prevent damage to the hair from high

temperatures, which can lead to frizz and breakage. Wella EIMI Thermal image is an

excellent option for protecting your hair from heat damage. This spray has 2 Phases – Phase

1 is formulated to nourish your hair and help protect it from heat up to 220 degrees celcius. Phase 2smoothens your hair for a flawless finish result.

Step 5: Choose the Right Styling Products

When it comes to styling frizzy hair, it is so important to choose the right products. Look for

salon professional products that are designed to smooth and tame frizz, such as serums,

creams, or gels. We use Sebastian Potion 9 which is a protein based smoothing cream,

designed to nourish and strengthen the hair at the same time as smoothing out your

blowdry and adding shine.

Step 6: Use a Microfibre Towel

Another tip for reducing frizz is to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair. Traditional towels

can rough up the hair cuticle, leading to frizz and breakage. Microfiber towels are much

gentler on the hair and can help to absorb excess water without causing damage.

Step 7: Use a silk pillowcase

Using a silk pillowcase can reduce hair frizz because it creates less friction between the hair

and the fabric. Traditional cotton pillowcases can create friction that causes hair to tangle

and become frizzy, particularly if you toss and turn during the night. A silk pillowcase, on the

other hand, is smooth and gentle on the hair, allowing it to glide smoothly across the

surface of the pillow. Additionally, silk pillowcases help to retain moisture in the hair, which

can prevent dryness and breakage. By making the switch to a silk pillowcase, you can wake

up with smoother, more manageable hair and reduce frizz over time.

Step 8: Invest in a Brazilian Blowdry.

At Fergal Doyle Hair we live and breathe FABRIQ (formerly known as Kerastraight). This

miracle product last up to 4 months. It adds shine, fights humidity, protects against damage,

strengthens and repairs, smooths frizz and makes your hair easier and quicker to blowdry

into a style that lasts in humidity! to reiterate the point above about homecare; If investing in a Brazilian blowdry you should choose the shampoo designed for use with that treatment.

With Fabriq we prescribe either the hydrate or Build range. Hydrate helps to lock in the

moisture that your hair is lacking whereas Build helps fine and damaged hair lacking in body

and nourishment.

Final Step: Get regular trims

Getting regular trims is an essential step in preventing frizz and maintaining healthy hair.

When hair becomes damaged, the cuticle layer can become rough and raised, leading to

frizz and split ends. Regular trims can help remove these damaged ends, keeping the hair

smooth and healthy. Trimming the hair every 6-10 weeks can also help prevent breakage

and split ends from traveling up the hair shaft, which can further reduce frizz. Additionally,

regular trims can help shape the hair and prevent it from looking dull or lifeless. By

maintaining a regular trimming schedule, you can keep your hair looking and feeling its best

while also preventing frizz.

Words by Beth Carey @bethcareyhair

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