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Best Hair Salon Bristol

Hey Gorgeous!

Welcome to FERGAL DOYLE HAIR. A FIVE STAR hair salon in Bristol, specialising in hair colour, balayage and blondes. 

Whether you're looking for a bold change and total transformation, or subtle tweaks to bring out your natural beauty, at FERGAL DOYLE HAIR you're in the hands of an expert.

We have transformed our space into a luxurious, creative salon space to bring beautiful sexy hair to the people of Bristol.

Bristol Hair Salon specialising in Colour, Balayage and Bridal Hairdressing.

Fergal Doyle Hair in Bristol has won the Independent Salon - Business Newcomer award, at the British Hairdressing Business Awards 2023.

Fergal Doyle Hair beat competitors from across the UK to be selected as the winner in the fiercely contested category, which recognises a new, independent salon less than two years old. The judging panel – comprised of category sponsors and industry experts - singled out Fergal Doyle Hair’s creativity and commercial success praised its drive and passion.

Jayne Lewis Orr, Executive Director of HJ’s British Hairdressing Business Awards said: Fergal Doyle Hair has showcased impressive evidence of an exciting and successful new salon, with a growing clientele, loyal team and diverse service menu. I’m delighted to see Fergal’s hard work and talent recognised at this level.


Hair Stylist in Bristol

Do you need a haircut but aren’t sure which style you want? At Fergal Doyle Hair, we understand what hair means to our clients. That is why our five-star hair salon in Bristol strives to provide customers with the ultimate haircut and styling experience.

Owned and managed by an industry icon, Fergal Doyle Hair has some of the leading hair stylists in Bristol working hard to help you achieve your desired look. Specialising in colour, balayage and hairdressing, stylists at Fergal employ advanced techniques for excellent results.

So whether you want a complete transformation or wish to make small tweaks, our hairdressers in Bristol ensure you return home feeling and looking your best.

About Fergal

Fergal Doyle is one of the Hairdressing Industry’s most respected and influential Hair Colourists. Fergal's Skills, Experience and Expertise are guaranteed to make you look and feel incredible.


From travelling the globe teaching the world’s leading hairdressers, to winning awards, shooting online educational tutorials and sharing his colour formulas & techniques to his tens of thousands of followers on social media. Fergal and his team are now available in his Stoke Bishop Salon to craft the hair of your dreams

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Meet The Team



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Beth has been with us since we opened our doors. Fergal actually met Beth many years ago while teaching a colour seminar in Bristol, and he knew that one day he wanted this creative spark on his team! Beth was born to be a hairdresser and lets absolutely nothing phase her! She is a real triple threat (in fact make that a quadruple threat as she is also our salon Kerastraight Expert)! Beth is most comfortable with a tint brush in her hand, and when she’s asked for a big colour transformation.

Beth is passionate about change and offers every single client the option to evolve their look at every visit, constantly delighting every head that she touches. She is the master of corrective colour and has been creating astonishing colour transformations.

Interesting facts! Beth is so passionate about hairdressing; she had a scissors tattooed on her arm to show her lifelong love and dedication to the craft! <3

What we’re working on… Unleashing her creativity! We have been pushing and encouraging Beth to step outside the box and explore the world of competitive hairdressing (she’s already a super star, competing in the semi-finals of Wella Professionals Trend Vision Award 2022). You’ll be telling your grandkids one day that you had your hair done by the world-Famous Beth!

Beth Works Tuesdays and Wednesdays



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Sophie Joined us in May 2022, after a short hiatus from hairdressing. She could not WAIT to get back into the salon and has been delighting clients ever since with a 5* rating on all her client reviews! When we first met Soph, we fell in love with her laid-back personality, infectious laugh and “greek Goddess” style! Sophie is an all-rounder when it comes to her hair skills; she cuts, colours and styles beautifully, but there is nowhere she feels more confident or comfortable than with a beautiful set of low maintenance classic highlight on long hair.

Sophie is most passionate about homecare and maintenance and offers incredibly thorough advice when it comes to looking after your new do! She takes pride in guiding her clients thought their step-by-step home care routing and can recommend the best care and style products to get you hair just as gorgeous and healthy as hers!

Interesting facts! Sophie is related to a well know American Celebrity and actor, and regularly visits her family in L.A. rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, often styling their hair (and offering the best hair care advice!).

What We’re working on… Sophie has been in the industry for a long time, way before social media was a thing, so she’s currently taking tips from our youngest team member and digital-native Morgan, on how to take the perfect “After” photo for her growing Instagram account!

Sophie works on Tuedays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays



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Florence is the most recent addition to the Fergal Doyle Hair team, but it feels like she’s been with us the whole time! Similar to Beth, Fergal met Florence when she was Training, and instantly clicked with her fun personality, her vibe, her attitude and her look! (Tattoo’s, Piercings, colourful hair, and that BRIGHT orange Vespa.

Florence is Passionate about the whole look and creating it from start to finish. She has a creative spark which is evident the moment you lay eyes on her and how she puts her own whole look together. Flo is never afraid to be different, and translates this into her hair work, whether she’s colouring a classic blonde or cutting an edgy bob, she is sure to add her signature technique to make your look truly bespoke and individual.  

Interesting fact… I did already mention that she rides a bright orange Vespa! She grew up around mopeds and motor bikes, and when she moved to the countryside for a quieter life, she knew she had to travel to work in style!

What we’re working on… Florence is a chatty Cathy and gets deep into conversation with her clients (especially after spending upwards of 3 hours making their hair look stunning)! She is also an absolute perfectionist and forgets how much time she’s spending on making everything look phenomenal so we’re working on helping her finish her appointments on time! 😊

Florence works Mondays and alternate Saturdays

Get in Touch

Don’t take risks with your hair. Visit Fergal Doyle Hair today for the perfect salon experience. We are a hairdressing salon in Bristol specialising in all techniques of hair treatments and styles. In addition to excellent services, clients can enjoy our relaxing and opulent ambience while our stylists work on your look. For bookings, contact us at 0117 244 3165 or email us at

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