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The Wet Brush hair brush has revolutionised hair brushes, saying goodbye to painful tangles, snagging and pulling thanks to the unique IntelliFlex™ bristles that run effortlessly through hair.


If you've visited us in Salon, you'll know that we RAVE about our WetBrushes! We use them for everything, from detangling hair after shampooing, brushing out backcombing when creating a flawless balayage, to applying our toners, for that flawless colour result! 


You can use your WetBrush at home, in the shower when your conditioner or mask is in, to help get rid of knots, or just to brush your hair before bed and help distribute those essential oils from your scalp!


Thank us later, you are going to LOVE this clever hair brush :)

Wet Brush Pro Detangler

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