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What Should I do with my hair this Winter?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The evenings are getting darker, the nights are getting longer, the days are getting colder and you’re already thinking about booking a sunny getaway next summer! Dreaming of those sandy beaches, cocktails and tropical waters is all that’s keeping a lot of us sane right now! Winter certainly has its downsides, but for your hair, it can be the most important time of year to make sure your summer holiday pics look PHENOMENAL next year! And a little time & investment now, will make a world of difference (to your hair and your pocket!) Taking proper care of your hair starting NOW could mean an extra 4-6 inches of hair length just in time for that selfie with a sangria in hand.

So, what should you be doing (and not doing) to your hair this winter? Well, let’s start off with the basics. Care. Professional shampoo and conditioner are your foundation for beautiful healthy hair. And not just that, it needs to be prescriptive to suit your needs. Just because you have highlight or balayage doesn’t mean you JUST need to buy a set for blondes, you might have other needs that have to be addressed and the best way to do this is speak to your stylist and ask what the best course of action and best products is to keep your hair in tip top shape.

The next thing I always advise is a mask. It’s like a conditioner but penetrates deeper beneath the surface, protecting your hair from within. You should be using a mask every week (or every 3rd shampoo if you are lucky enough to get away with washing your hair less than 2x per week). A mask should be applied after you shampoo and left to work its magic for 10-20 minutes ideally. Honestly, trust me, you will feel the difference instantly!

My next piece of advice for looking after your hair this winter is to reduce the heat! (Completely if you can). Direct heat from straightener, wands and irons is the worst culprit for causing damage to hair. And if your hair is textured, fine, coloured or bleached, you’re going to cause some serious damage. A quick blast of the hair drier without a nozzle on a medium heat setting is absolutely fine but try to reduce the number of times a week you finish off with the styling tools (maybe saving it for special occasions. When the urge to style does overcome you, please please PLEASE make sure you’re using a heat protector (like EIMI Thermal Image spray). These products are designed to protect the hair from damage with hot tools.

On the other end of the heat spectrum is the cold! If you’ve packed your drier away for the winter, make sure your hair is bone dry before you go to bed, or go out in the cold!!! Your cuticle (protective external layer) is open when wet, and is more prone to tangling and breakage. If you’re a curly girl and like to leave your hair to air dry, wash your hair in the afternoon or evening.

Everyone wants hair like silk, so why not use silk on your hair! One of the BEST purchases I have ever made was a silk pillowcase. Not only is it good for your hair but for your skin too! The super soft textile is so gentle on your hair, that you will be singing its praises (and gifting all your gal-pals with a silk pillowcase for Christmas!) Also, throw out all your rubber bands and elastic bobbles and grab yourself a super cheap (and chic) silk scrunchie! Now I CRINGE when I see someone with beautiful long hair tied up in a bun on top of their head. You have NO IDEA the amount of breakage the weight of all that hair is going to cause to the weakest hairs on your crown! So unless you desperately want to rock a mullet á la David Bowie, then Silk Scrunchies and low ponies are your best friend. There are alternatives too, you could incorporate a gorgeous silk scarf into a look braid and give off some serious rich Italian fashionista vibes!

Now when it comes to colour, this is where I’m going to put the cat amongst the pigeons and say something controversial. DO NOT GO DARK FOR WINTER!!! I have no idea where this idea came from, but this is a BAD idea! Firstly, skin tone. Unless you were seriously craft and booked yourself a winter sun get away to somewhere south of the equator, chances are you are going to be a tad paler this time of the year. And a washed out complexion does not need any attention drawn to it. Dark hair + grey winter skin = creepy ghost. Think about making subtle changes to your tone that will bring attention to your eyes, or alternatively, go for a diffusion of warm and cool tones to add depth and dimension to your hair (and works well on any hair depth or skin tone).

The last thing to think about is hair STYLING for all those Christmas parties (and zoom meetings). It has been a LONG and HARD two years for everyone. Be EXTRA this holiday season! Bring a little sparkle into your look to brighten up your Christmas party do. When I say extra, I really mean EXTRA! Throw out the hair band and wear a tiara (or even a crown!). instead of a diamanté hair clip, cover your hair in crystals! Use Pearls to decorate partings and hair lines! According to economists we’re set for a modern renaissance once the pandora is over, so start setting the trends now with excess and opulence and set the trends!

Whatever you choose to do with your hair this winter, remember this – Support small businesses and buy your products from them. Or they wont be there to make you gorgeous next year!

Love as always,


Hair Care

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