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Why do Hair Salons charge so much?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Hey Gorgeous!!! You might have some questions about our prices, so we want to dispel some myths and educate everyone on what we’re charging for, and why we charge it.

Our prices reflect out skills, experience, the level of service we provide, products we choose, our overheads and of course the money our team takes home :) We are a colour specialist salon, and if you’re visiting us, you’ll see our extensive colour bar! It’s stocked exclusively with Wella Professionals colour products. We invest in the best quality stock and tools to bring you the absolute best colour results possible, and to make you feel unbelievably gorgeous every single time you visit.

Hair Salon

We take education seriously too, and a portion of our service takings is reinvested in making sure all our team are continuously trained to the highest standards. We are connected to a network of the industry’s top artists, icons and creatives who share their knowledge, techniques, tips & tricks with our team to constantly up skill their talented hands!

Only the best for our fabulous clients :)

Hair Dresser

Our top priority is our wonderful team members, and we are an accredited living wage Organisation, meaning every member of our entire team is paid What they deserve!

Unfortunately, discount haircuts don’t pay fair wages, so we don’t discount, but we’re always looking to add value to your service! We never charge extra for the essentials required to make your hair look and feel amazing - like WellaPlex - it’s in every colour we use! All included in the price :)

All of our team are employed (we don’t do rent-a-chair or self-employed) This means they’re paid a fair basic wage, and commission on top for their beautiful hair work, they get holiday pay, sick pay, and all of the benefits & support that doesn’t come with being self-employed (or hidden employment).

We have lots of other outgoings too - rent, utilities, stock, subscriptions, VAT, and the best coffee you’ve ever tried! :-p

Like every other industry, there is always someone cheaper, and we encourage healthy competition!

Prada, Puma, and Primark all sell clothes :)

Crop Top

You might just need to shop around for something that suits your budget, lifestyle, and hair-needs. There are so many wonderful salons in the area to choose from.

A “trim” and a “haircut” are the same thing in our eyes, you’re paying for what we leave on, not what we take off.

Our aim is to create beautiful hair and give great hair care advice to anyone who sees value in our services, all while making an honest living.

We hope you choose to book your next hair appointment with us, and if not, well that’s OK too! :) And thanks for stopping by.

Love, The Team @ Fergal Doyle Hair.


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