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What is Kerastraight and why should I have it?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

If you have ever struggled with your hair, found it difficult to manage, spent way too many hours trying to control it, calm the frizz, make it look smoother, sleeker straighter, shinier; then we may have the answer to all your prayers! Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment in an evolution in straightening and repair. Our semi-permanent treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and gorgeous to the touch!

Kerastraight is suitable for all hair types, whether your hair is fine, frizzy and flyaway; course, curly and uncontrollable; thick, heavy and takes hours to blowdry; dry, damaged and dehydrated; or just goes a little “Monica” anytime there’s even the slightest bit of humidity - Kerastraight is here to help! The Ultimate treatment will help to strengthen & repair your hair, all while eliminating frizz, fighting humidity, and leaving your locks feeling soft, sleek and a dream to style at home.

Kerastraight Treatment

So… how does it work? Kerastraight uses advanced protein technology to transform the shame and condition of any hair type. The service combines low pH proteins (<7) to renew dry, damaged, and weak hair, turning it into healthy, sleeker and stronger hair that looks and feels absolutely incredible. The ingredients inside Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment repair damaged hair, rebuilding the hair’s structure, adding strength and shine, resulting in soft, shiny, smooth, sleeker hair, lasting up to 4 months.

But what if I like my curly hair? Well, we LOVE curly hair here at Fergal Doyle Hair! And we would never want you to get rid of your curls! Kerastraight will still make your hair super manageable, frizz-free, soft, supple and shiny, however, it won’t affect your curls! (It will actually help define your curls and create beautiful shapes when left to dry naturally or diffused). It will feel like virgin hair again, like you’ve been reborn with perfect hair. You can still scrunch, plop dry, create curl clumps, and be the curly girl you were born to be, but with the added benefit of when you now choose to style your hair straight or skeek, it will actually last for days, won’t look like you’ve been electrocuted and will take you a fraction of the time to make it look stunning at home!

Curly Hair

So, what happens when I get it done? We start the process by preparing the hair with our special salon-only shampoo to remove product build up and create the perfect canvas for Kerastraight to work its magic. After this, we apply the Ultimate Treatment to your hair and allow it to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. During this time, we’ll leave you to relax and enjoy some me-time with a nice cup of tea, coffee, glass of prosecco or just some peace and quiet. We rinse off the excess product, then blow-dry and straighten your hair. If you ever had a Brazilian blow-dry, straightening treatment or smoothing service before, you might remember the ungodly steam and suspicious smell…. Well with Kerastraight , there is ONE of that madness! It’s just like a normal blowdry, then we use a variable temperature hair iron to help that product penetrate right down into the hair’s structure, repair any damage and add moisture to rebalance the hair. You will leave the salon with poker straight, shiny, smooth hair that is to DIE for!

How long before I can wash it? You’re actually not going to believe this…. 30 minutes!!!! Honestly, it like some sort of witchcraft or voodoo… after you leave the salon, and by the time you have popped home, you’ll be able to wash, swim, steam, sauna, jacuzzi, sweat, and any other moisture related activities without affecting your incredible new hair! (But why would you want to, you hair looks absolutely gorgeous at this stage!)


How do I look after it? Every client who comes to Fergal Doyle Hair and has a Kerastraight Treatment, will receive a FREE shampoo and conditioner to look after and maintain their investment. We are firm believers in protecting your investment, hence why we do not charge for the products, so you make a saving of £38! We recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week (less is more). When it comes to drying and styling your hair, we will also recommend the best leave in products for your exact hair type, which you can purchase in-salon or online. Then when it comes to styling your hair at home, our ears are going to be burning when you tell your friends how much time and effort your Kerastraight treatment has saved you! You can blowdry, straighten, wave and curl as normal (but believe me, it’s going to be so freakin’ easy!)

How often do I need to have it done? Kerastraight ultimate treatment is a semi-permanent service, and lasts up to 4 months in the hair, fading gradually over that time. So you wont have a “curly regrowth” like with so many permanent straightening services.

Hair Dresser

I’m thinking of colouring my hair… should I book my colour before or after? Kerastraight can actually help lighten your hair! As it’s forcing all those incredible protein and moisture molecules inside of the hair, it can bump some of the colour molecules out, creating a soft, sun kissed result. Speaking as a colourist, this is AMAZING for clients who want to go lighter but are afraid of causing damage with bleach! If you’re thinking of adding highlights, balayage, or lifting your base, then book your Kerastraight first, and pop back in a week or so to have your hair coloured.

Lets say you’re 3 months in, absolutely loving your hair and how easy it is to style, but youre going on holiday next week!?!?!? Should you have another treatment so soon! Or will it look like a hot mess on holiday if you wait? Well, we have an answer for that too! Kerastraight Intense Boost. This is our in-salon top-up protein treatment, and it takes just half an hour, lasting up to a month! This treatment will help to define your curls, fight the frizz, maintain the smoothness, and keep the shine. Better yet, you can repeat this treatment every week if you love the effects and want to maximize the feeling of strong, healthy, manageable hair!

OK, well this all sounds FANTASTIC! How much does it all cost!?

Kerastraight Ultimate treatment is priced from £190 – £220, depending on your hairs thickness and length, and comes with your free Shampoo and Conditioner to help maintain your hair in between salon visits.

Kerastraight Intense Boost costs between £60 - £72, again depending on how long and thick your hair is, and includes a Blowdry in the price (Bargain!)

If it sounds like your hair desperately needs some TLC and a total transformation, you can book online at phone us on 0117 244 3165 or pop into the salon to discuss how we can help transform your hair!

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