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How to change your hair… without actually changing your hair.

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

It’s the age-old question, that hairdressers are asked in pub toilets and smoking areas on nights out. The same question that clients spend hours scrolling through social media and pinterest posts looking for inspiration (with a touch of fear for good measure). What should I do with my hair without actually changing it all that much?

Well, there’s a couple of options. But the basics can be broken down into Cut, Colour and Style

If you’re feeling the need to change your haircut but you’re hesitant, start with a trim. Even the slightest snip off the ends can breathe life back into dull lifeless hair. When you’ve been growing your hair and you get to that stage where it feels like it has stopped growing, it’s most likely because of split ends. See, the interior structure of the hair (the cortex) is like a rope, and if the protective outer layer (the cuticle) becomes damaged, it starts to unravel, and those little fibres break off. For every inch you grow, an inch is lost as breakage. Schedule in for trim to dust off those dry ends and your hair will feel brand new and back on track for the lengths of your dreams.

If a trim still sounds too boring, and you’re up for something to give you a new look (but don’t get crazy) … opt for some face framing (or “forward graduation” as hairdressers call it). Think Jennifer Aniston – not “the Rachel”, but the cute longer pieces that look great down when the rest is up in a pony. This technique really suits round and square shaped faces, when the layers are longer than the face, creating the illusion of an oval shape. Ask your hairdresser to create the shortest point about 1-2 inches below your chin.

Hair Treatment

But what if you have rectangle or heart face shape? Well, you could opt for curtain bangs. This technique is halfway between a fringe and forward graduation. It looks like a 70’s inspired grown out fringe that sweeps the temples and grazes the cheek bones. What makes it work so well for rectangle and heart shaped faces, is it narrows the forehead. Beware that this look takes abit of maintenance, but Velcro rollers are your best friend to perfect that sweep. And a touch of hairspray to keep it out of your eyes works a treat.


If this is not the kind of change you were feeling, perhaps a long-bob is for you? “The Lob” is a shoulder length cut with a drop of length along the collar bone. It’s that in-between cut perfect form someone who’s daring enough to go shorter, but still needs the comfort and safety of being able to pop their hair up into a pony tail. It’s pretty low maintenance, but looks seriously stylish whether it’s styled poker straight with glass shine, waved to perfection, or curled and tossed to one side like a Hollywood diva. It’s the kind of cut that if you hate it, it’s grown out in a matter of weeks, or if you love it, transitioning to something even shorter doesn’t seem like such a massive jump!

Hair Colour

The bravest of brave, might feel that this is all too little and be craving some REAL change! The cut of the season is “The Wolf Cut”. It’s the modern interpretation of the Mullet – party in the front, business in the back. Remember how the “shag” was the coolest haircut of the 90’s? well “the wolf cut” is the shag’s cooler, hotter, younger sister. It comprises of a soft textured fringe, with whispy face framing layers, softer layers on the crown cascading to beautiful bra-strap lengths. The cut should be styled to look effortless, like rockstar who just woke up. The curtain bangs is definitely the most hight maintenance aspect of maintaining this cut, as for the rest of it – some sea-salt spray and an attitude is all you need to carry it off.

Hair Dresser

If you’re happy with your cut, and you meant that you wanted some colour inspiration, well let’s break it down. There are 3 things you can do to change a colour. You can lighten it, darken it, or change the tone. Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. Here are this season’s hottest colour trends for you to try (that wont break the bank, or your beautiful hair) !

Money Piece. Originally inspired by that strand of baby hair just at the hairline that lightens when you go in the sun, the money piece should add a sun kissed look to your hair. To avoid looking too extreme (Geri Halliwell, I am looking at you), ask your hairdresser for 3 foils just at the hairline. Weave one, slice one, weave one. This simple technique helps to diffuse the demarcation line as it grows out, meaning its lower maintenance if you’re not keen on visiting the salon for regular top ups. In terms of what colour to choose, stay with in 2-3 levels of your natural colour. If you have darker hair, a light brown or caramel would look amazing. For Light brown and Dark blondes, opt for a medium golden blonde, and for the natural blondes, platinum money pieces will make your colour pop!

Hair Cut

If you’re thinking about going darker for winter but really don’t fancy dealing wit roots in 6 weeks’ time, ask your colourist for a glossing service! This simple service can take as little as 10 minutes to perform, and can add depth, tone, and shine to your hair all at once. It’s such a great option for clients who really want a total new look without the commitment. Perhaps you’re attending a socially distanced work party at number 10 downing street (that never happened, or did it?), and you don’t want anyone to recognise you stood by the cheese & wine table? This Super quick service means you can try any shade that’s darker than your staring point, without having to take responsibly for your actions! :-p

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If a money piece or gloss sounds a bit juvenile and you are ready to go big or go home, this season’s must have colour is copper. You can plenty of options with a deep, dark, and moody auburn, go bright and bold with a Celtic copper, or stay true to your blonde with a peach wash. Ashy hair is so 2020 (and lets agree, we want to forget EVERYTHING about 2020). To maintain your look at home (pending-lock down doom), speak to your colourist about Color Fresh Masks. Copper Glow is sure to make Auburn and Copper clients hair look phenomenal even from a social-distance.

Hair Treatment

If you’re still unsure about what the heck to do with your hair, the pubs and night clubs are still open at time of writing, and there’s always a hairdresser lurking in the toilets or smoking area, just WAITING for a drunk stranger to ask them “what should I do with my hair”? and if that fails, you can always slide into my DMs @fergaldoylehair

Love as always

Fergal x

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